About The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay 2023 presented by Defence Health

The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay 2023, presented by Defence Health is a six-month campaign with satellite events (relays), travelling from Pozieres, France on ANZAC Day 2023, through to the City of London, before returning home to Australia. Paying homage and to acknowledge veterans’ families, saluting their sacrifice, by stopping at all 45 Legacy Clubs worldwide as well as iconic Australian Landmarks.

Travelling from Pozieres, France through to the City of London, before returning home to Australia, landing in Perth, Western Australia in May 2023.  The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay, presented by Defence Health will continue its journey throughout local towns and cities across Australia, visiting all 45 Legacy Club locations, concluding in Melbourne in October 2023. The Torch will travel over 50,000 km, through 100 stops, carried by approx. 1,500 torch bearers.

To be eligible to become a Legacy Centenary Torch Bearer, applicants must have OR have had a connection to Legacy or to the Defence Community, we are also looking for volunteers. To be part of history with this once in a life-time opportunity to become part of #LegacysLegacy and be a Torch Bearer and/or to register to volunteer visit www.legacytorchrelay.com.au 

We have applications open for approximately 1,500 Torch Bearers and 2000 volunteers both nationally and internationally.

The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay would not be possible without the wonderful support from Partners. Partnership opportunities to join us on the journey are available. Simply reach out to our Partnerships team and speak to Natalie on (03) 9384 1190, email natalie@perfectevents.com.au or visit www https://legacytorchrelay.com.au/partners/

Throughout The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay 2023 presented by Defence Health, will be Community Days. This is an opportunity where everyone can come together and celebrate Legacy’s Centenary and connect over a family fun day.

There are 250 torches available to purchase, for $10,000 (ex GST and shipping). You can pre-order now, visit www.legacytorchrelay.com.au or download The Legacy 100th Torch Relay mobile app.  

More information and to follow the journey visit www.legacytorchrelay.com.au or download the ‘Legacy 100 Torch Relay’ mobile app.

Follow the journey @legacytorchrelay on Facebook and Instagram or @LegacyRelay on Twitter and also @The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay 2023 on LinkedIn.

There are two simple ways to download the mobile app: by visiting www.legacytorchrelay.com.au and click on the App store or Google play store button to go straight to it – or you can search “Legacy 100th Torch Relay” directly into the App store!

About Legacy

Legacy is an iconic Australian charity that was established in 1923 and founded on a promise made from one digger to another – to “look after the missus and the kids.”


Legacy cares for 43,000 veterans’ families, including Widows in their senior years, younger Widows with children, and veterans’ dependents with a disability. With over 3600 volunteers, Legacy strives to ensure that those in their care can fully realise their potential.


Legacy helps provide financial and social support for the families in their care and supports families in times of hardship and grief. Legacy helps those they serve to meet their educational and developmental goals, and to help them grow and thrive despite adversity.

Legacy provides support for veterans’ families for those who have died or given their health due to defence service. This includes partners and children.

Legacy volunteers are referred to as ‘Legatees’ and are the primary contact for the people who Legacy assists.

Originally, Legatees were drawn exclusively from the ranks of retired service personnel, but in the early 2000s, admission was opened to all who share Legacy’s ideals.

Legatees are the backbone of our organisation, and with over 3600 committed volunteers across Australia, Legacy are grateful for the support they provide to our veterans’ families.

There are 45 Legacy Clubs across Australia and London. These Clubs provide specific services in their community, and help keep the promise to those we serve, no matter where they are in Australia.

Legacy needs the support from communities to continue our work and help keep the promise to our veterans’ families.

Donating is simple and can be done in a variety of ways! Any donation (big or small) can be done as an individual, organisation or through a Workplace Giving program – even the purchase of Legacy merchandise like pins or bears go towards helping Clubs transform the lives for those in their care.

Head to https://legacytorchrelay.com.au to get involved!

About Defence Health

Defence Health is a not-for-profit health fund that was established in 1953. Health care back then was costly and in short supply. Defence Health always differentiated its offering with amazing customer service. The fund covers more than 306,000 people from the Defence community, across almost 147,000 hospital and extras policies. 


Being a not-for-profit health fund means there is more in benefits for members – and premiums are kept as low possible. Any surplus stays within the fund, instead of being paid as a dividend to shareholders or foreign owners.

Members of the ADF and their families are at the heart of the Defence Health membership base. But other people with a Defence connection can join the fund too. Anyone with previous (or current) service in the ADF (permanent or Reserve) can join. Employees in the Department of Defence (or other Defence-related departments) can join. As well as critical suppliers, agencies or contractors to Defence. Once eligibility is established, the extended family of these people may also join. 

“Defence Health is committed to protecting the health of those who protect our country. With that clear purpose in mind, we’re delighted to present the Legacy Centenary Torch Relay 2023. 

It’s a significant and meaningful way for us to demonstrate our solidarity and respect for the Legacy Promise.”

Joanne Kadlecik, CEO Defence Health

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