Terese & Eleanor

“I don’t know how I would’ve navigated that whole period without David and Clive.”

Death Street, I.E.D. Alley, Route Irish – the highway linking Bahgdad’s Green Zone with the airport. This expressway was deemed the world’s most dangerous road, with near daily attacks, during the American-led occupation of Iraq. Terese’s partner Trooper Matthew Millhouse survived one of these attacks, after being knocked unconscious it wasn’t until many years later that the severe symptoms began to show.

After Matthew returned home from serving four years in the Australian Army, Terese and their young daughter Eleanor noticed something plaguing on Matthew. It started with a plethora of symptoms, depression, anxiety, mood swings, obsessive behaviours, and alcohol abuse- creating a strain on their marriage. This was only the beginning of the tribulations that Terese and Eleanor would face.

It was around this time that the Millhouse family encountered Legacy. Terese and Eleanor met Legatee David Waddle who guided them through the mountains of paperwork and processes to being supported.

Legacy couldn’t have stepped in at a better time, as it became clear that something sinister was taking place within Matthew. Young Onset Dementia.

“David was incredible in helping us navigate seeking support and acknowledgement from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.”

Over the two following years after Matthew was diagnosed, he declined in health- needing 24-hour specialist care and was moved to a nursing home to ensure he received the care he required.

Throughout this time Legacy played a pivotal role in supporting the Millhouse family. Supporting with general life tasks and getting the family on track as well as providing a financial advisor to assist with money payouts and bills. Not to mention, gaining acknowledgement from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs for the severe brain degeneration caused by Matthew’s service in Iraq.

Sadly in August of 2015, Trooper Matthew Millhouse at 36 years, passed away. It was at this time where Terese and Eleanor needed Legacy the most, with aid in organising the widow and dependant payments from Defence and connecting back to the Australian Defence Force to ensure the correct funeral was held to honour Matthew.

It was not long after this, that Legatee Clive Simpson (the father of a close friend of Matthew’s) was brought into the Millhouse family. With Legatee Simpson’s assistance they were able to get Eleanor a Collegiate Scholarship to the local college in Hobart, which meant a weight lifted off the family in not having to worry about school fees, ensuring Eleanor would get the education she deserves.

“It was quite fitting here in Hobart to have him [Clive Simpson] as an ongoing Legatee while David Waddle took a step back after the forms and processes were completed”

To this day, Legacy is still heavily involved in Terese and Eleanor’s lives with ongoing support financially for education and even on holidays where Hobart Legacy hosts Christmas parties for the kids with homemade and donated gifts. Legatee Simpson reaches out on birthdays, holidays and every now and then to ensure both Terese and Eleanor are in good health and supported.

“It’s continued on, they are still a big factor in our lives and always check in on Eleanor’s studies”.